The mission of the Danish Cardiovascular Academy is:

  • To strengthen Danish cardiovascular research
  • To give young researchers an advantageous career take-off (PhD positions, training and courses)
  • To create a unique network for participating researchers across disciplines
  • To stimulate collaboration and interaction across disciplines within the cardiovascular field

The DCAcademy will be offering more than 100 PhD, PostDoc positions, travelling grants and visiting grants.

A vital part of this effort is also to create a unique network for participating researchers across disciplines. Courses, project days, summer schools etc. will be means to ensure the enhancement of a cardiovascular network in Denmark beyond disciplines within the cardiovascular field.

The DCAcademy will be openminded towards research areas:

"We will not be pointing out particular areas of research which we will support. Nobody can tell how and where a major scientific breakthrough will occur. However, our hope is that we will experience research of high quality which will make a difference."

Christian Aalkjær,
Executive Managing Director,
Danish Cardiovascular Academy.