DCAcademy Winter Meeting

The DCAcademy Winter Meeting is aimed at Postdoctoral fellows and 2nd and 3rd year PhD students. 

The aim of the Postdoctoral Winter Meeting 2024, with the topic of aging and cardiovascular disease, is to create a collaborative platform that fosters in-depth understanding, innovative thinking, and knowledge exchange among young researchers. The meeting will be held on the Oslo Ferry and Norefjell Conference Center, Norway.

The DCAcademy Winter Meeting is designe by and for early career researchers. You will get insight into current trends within the field of cardiovascular research as well as create a stronger network with fellow peers. T

Previous Challenge Themes:

2022, Malaga, Spain: 

  • Research benefitting the Global South (the bottom billion)
  • The environmental impact of your own researc

2023, Isaberg, Sweden: 

  • Disseminate your research to the broader public 
  • Expand you view on relevant medias.

Contact person:

Emil Toft Brøndum


+45 2256 9052

Winter meeting

  • Who can attend: Postdoctoral fellows and PhD students. (NOTE: seats will be allocated according to seniority).
  • Location: Copenhagen to Oslo ferry and Norefjell Ski & Spa
  • Time: February 27th -  March 2nd, 2024