Cardiac Seminars: Understanding the heartbeat at nanoscale

Join us for this second out of four diverse and enlightening seminars at University of Copenhagen in person or via Zoom. Researchers from all over Europe to give a talk on their latest cardiovascular research. This seminar will give insight into super-resolution imaging of cardiac muscle cells.

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Thursday 28 October 2021,  at 09:15 - 10:15



Understanding the heartbeat at the nanoscale / William Louch, Professor, University of Oslo

Time: 28th October 9:15-10:15:

Place: University of Copenhagen (Panum Institute, Faculty Club 16.6.16)

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New advances in super-resolution imaging have allowed unprecedented insight into the structure and function of cardiac muscle cells. This talk will summarize emerging ideas of how contraction of these cells is regulated by the nanoscale arrangement of calcium handling proteins, how this system develops in the immature heart, and how it is disassembled during disease. 

William Edward Louch is originally from Canada. He is PhD and became professor at University of Oslo in 2015. He currently leads a group of researchers aiming to identify cardiomyocyte-level mechanisms of cardiovascular disease with particular emphasis on the structures and proteins which control calcium homeostasis. He endeavours to develop and test novel therapies, to relieve the disease burden for patients and society.