DCAcademy Cardiometabolic Networking Summit

The summit is designed to provide an extensive insight into a number of translational cardiometabolic aspects with presentations from international experts, leading Danish Cardiometabolic researchers and Danish PhD and Postdoc fellows (posters and short oral presentations). Additionally, there will be plenty of networking opportunities.

Info about event


Saturday 27 January 2024, at 16:00 - Wednesday 31 January 2024, at 12:00


La Folie Douce Hotels Chamonix, France


DCAcademy & Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

This meeting is organized for PhD students, postdocs and senior scientists working in the cardiovascular and metabolic research fields.

NOTE: January 27 is Master classes for invited Phd students and Postdoc fellows only. Summit starts on January 28 afternoon. 


- Interplay in Cardiac Metabolisme
- Cardiometabolic Genomics
- Global Health and Heterogeneity in Risk and Disease
- Novel aspects in cardiometabolic clinical pharmacology
- Early Risk Markers of Diabetes and CV Disease
- Atherosclerosis and microvascular disease


A mix of lectures, group work, discussions, oral & poster presentations and networking activities!


Learning objectives

A participant, who has met the objectives of the meeting, will be able to:

  1. Discuss the development and complications of cardiometabolic related diseases.
  2. Explain complexity and interplay in cardiac metabolism.
  3. Discuss topics on cardiometabolic genomics.
  4. Combine theoretical and practical insights into novel aspects in cardiometabolic clinical pharmacology.
  5. Understand comorbidity between atherosclerosis and microvasculature disease.

Confirmed Speakers:

Anniek Lubberding 
Arnela Saljic
Bo Hjorth Bentzen
Daniel Ketelhuth
Dirk Lund Christensen
Emma Börgeson
Filip Knop
Gunnar Gíslason
Henning Bundgaard
Jacob Bentzon
Jacob Tfelt-Hansen
Jennifer Lyn Baker
Jens-Christian Holm
Johannes Castelein
Jonas Treebak
Jørgen Kanters
Julia Goedecke
Karoline Kragelund Nielsen
Kristine Færch

Lars Melholt Rasmussen
Louise Grunnet
Magnus T. Jensen
Maria Kristiansen
Markus Rinschen
Mette Nyegaard
Morten Asp Vonsild Lund
Morten B Thomsen
Niels Jessen
Per Kallestrup
Per Lav Madsen
Peter Andersen
Rasmus Borgqiust
Rikke Buhl
Signe S. Torekov
Stefan Stender
Thomas Jespersen
Torben Hansen
Ulla Kampmann Opstrup

Allocation of seats

For PhD students and PostDocs: participation in the meeting is free of charge. 

DCAcademy will provide accommodation (in double room) for up to 24 PhD students and 16 Postdocs, selected based on their abstracts. 

PhD students are obliged to sign up in 2 places: DCAcademy and PhD school of University of Copenhagen (UCPH ECTS credits 3.7)

For other participants the meeting is free of charge, incl. dinners.

A course certificate will be sent to all participants upon request at the end of the course. 

No show fee
Please note in case of no-show the Academy will charge a no-show fee of 5000 DKK if you do not unregister from the course at latest 3 days before its start.