Event: Empower your talent

We invite you to a unique event focusing on career and personal development within the field of cardiovascular research. Among the speakers are Morten Albæk who will host a workshop on priorities in life and Professor Finn Gustafsson from Rigshospitalet who will give an interesting talk on the artificial heart.

Empower your talent 11-12 Nov featuring Morten Albæk
Empower your talent 11-12 Nov featuring Morten Albæk

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Thursday 11 November 2021, at 09:30 - Friday 12 November 2021, at 12:00





Meet innovative entrepreneurs, researchers, philosophers, career advisors and even a jazz musician among the many speakers who will ensure an inspiring and enlightening program for you.

You will get the opportunity to network with fellow PhD / Postdoc. students and maybe even find yourself a career advisor.

The event will help you figure out how to plan your career in order to reach your professional goals!


Who can attend?

The event is exclusively for PhD students and early-stage Postdoctoral researchers within cardiovascular research based in Denmark. There are only 25 seats available - so don’t hesitate!  

Presenters of the day are:  

  • Morten Albæk, philosopher, author, founder and CEO of Voluntas will give a talk on how meaningfulness becomes one’s core priority in life and how we prioritize our time accordingly
  • Finn Gustafsson, Professor of cardiology at Rigshospitalet will present the artificial heart. The team at Rigshospitalet was the first in Northern Europe to perform a transplant of an artificial heart into a patient in 2020
  • Anne Kaltoft, CEO at Danish Heart Foundation will provide the patient’s perspective as to why cardiovascular research is important
  • Thomas Holm, CEO at NMD Pharma will explain how he utilised many years of basic research to develop a company producing new medicines for people suffering from rare neuromuscular diseases eg. ALS
  • Peter Vuust, Professor at Royal Academy of Music and associate professor at Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience will be presenting the latest science on how music influences our brain and he will be playing music as well

Career planning and how to reach one’s dreams in this respect is also an important part of this event.

Workshop on talent development:

You undoubtedly already have a career dream, which you would like to pursue – but what path should you follow to get there? This workshop will entail more steps. First of all, Rasmus Byskov-Nielsen will provide you with tools for career choices. Secondly, Morten Albæk will give a talk on how meaningfulness should be your guide. Thereafter, a workshop with Morten Albæk will focus on the potential of human beings.

Career advice and mentor

On the second day, career advisors (Vibeke Broe and Mette Fog Skriver) will introduce you to the different roles of career advisors in your research years, and how they can support you in various ways. Those interested will have the opportunity to connect with a career advisor.


The idea of “Empower your talent” is also networking between PhD and Postdoc students. You will have plenty of opportunity to interact during the workshop, breaks and of course at the dinner in Aarhus City.

Sign up

The course is free of charge for DCAcademy members. DCAcademy covers all costs related to participation, excl. transportation to and from the venue and drinks after the Music-and Science dinner.

The course is full - send us an email if you still desire a seat etb@biomed.au.dk