PhD course: Maximize the impact of your presentation

Learn at this course to structure presentations, target an audience, using body language, rhetorical devices and visual aids in your oral presentation.

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Monday 6 February 2023,  at 13:00 - 16:00


University of Copenhagen, Panum - room 7.15.149


University of Copenhagen & DCAcademy:

Dates for this course:

Day 1 (1pm – 4 pm): 6 February 2023

Day 2 (1pm – 4.30 pm): either 21, 22 , 24, 27 or 28 February (by registration let us know which date for the second course day you prefer)


Limited vacancy (30 participants), first come first served. Send e-mail to with “Communication” in subject line before the 30th of January 2023 (Free registration). When registering, please provide your preferred dates for the 2nd day of the course.

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The aim of this course is to improve the oral communication capacity of the individual participant. After the course the participants will increase their confidence in presenting their own research results to the public, foundations, decision-makers, colleagues, peers and students. The participants will receive personal guidance and feedback on their presentation technique, which will enable them to continue to work with the new skills on their own.


The course emphasizes the practical element of the dissemination and is based on the participants’ own research. You will work with your own presentation – e.g. a conference or a poster presentation you are about to give. In this way, the course taps into a busy everyday life and serves as preparation for a given presentation activity. The course will cover aspects such as use of voice, body language, storytelling, methods for building a presentation, the use of visual instruments and structural tools. It should be pointed out that although the teaching is based on rhetorical and performative disciplines, it is not a question of making the participant an actor – but strengthening your performative preparedness (e.g. handling nervousness) skills and not least impact.

Form and duration

The course runs over two days (three hours a day).

The focus of the first day will be structuring presentations; targeting audience; body language; rhetorical devices; use of visual aids. The focus of the second day will be your performative competencies. You will be divided in small groups of 6 participants. You are expected to prepare a short oral presentation (duration max. 8 min.) prior to the second day of the course. The topic must be either a presentation of your own research project in general or of a central part of your PhD project. The presentation must comprise start, middle and end, and have a specific target group.

You will receive personal guidance and feedback on your presentation technique, including your visual aids, language, body language, content, and overall effectiveness.

Key learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, participants are expected to have obtained:

  • improved presentation skills
  • greater personal impact as a public speaker/teacher
  • tools to structure a presentation
  • tools to keep the attention of your audience
  • tools to handle nervousness
  • enhanced use of body language
  • enhanced use of visual aids
  • tools to practice your presentation skills on your own

Language: English or Danish, dependent on participants


Bent Nørgaard, communication consultant & stage director, exam. art in rhetoric – www.bentnø