Seminar: Cardiac arrest survivors - diagnostic workup

Cardiologist Bo Gregers Winkel will give insight into cardiac arrest and the relation to inherited cardiac diseases. Join us at University of Copenhagen in person or via Zoom.

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Friday 11 February 2022,  at 15:30 - 16:15


University of Copenhagen / Zoom

Time: 11th February, 15:30-16.15: (networking afterwards at the Faculty Bar, Faculty Club at16.15 - provided that COVID rules allows this)

Place: University of Copenhagen (Faculty Club at Panum)

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More and more people survive a cardiac arrest owing to better CPR in community, heart runners, and better access to early defibrillation. This talk will focus on the cardiac arrest survivor, from arrival to discharge, including the often extensive in-hospital work-up of these patients. The diseases causing cardiac arrest will be highlighted with a specific focus on inherited cardiac diseases.

Bo Gregers Winkel is a cardiologist, working as a non-invasive electrophysiologist at Rigshospitalet. He is working with cardiac arrest survivors, patients with inherited cardiac diseases, and patients with pacemakers/ICDs. Research focus areas include sudden cardiac death, inherited cardiac diseases, cardiac arrest survivors, ICD treatment.