Casper Bang - Postdoctoral Fellowship 2021

Project summary:
Estimating frequency of dangerous arrhythmias among patients treated with antipsychotics

Increasing evidence shows, that antipsychotics use is associated a 3-fold increase of sudden cardiovascular death.

Prolonged monitoring with external portable monitors has been difficult in this vulnerable patient group, making the monitoring difficult and data collection impossible, which may explain, why no clinical study has revealed the frequencies of potential fatal arrhythmias in patients treated with antipsychotics.

Project Title

The MAPP II Study - Monitoring of arrhythmias in patients treated with antipsychotic


A possible mechanism of the increased risk of sudden death may be the ability of the drugs to disturb the electrolyte distribution across the cell membranes of the heart muscle and induce ventricular arrhythmias including the life-threatening ventricular rhythm disorder called Torsade de pointes ventricular tachycardia, which can degenerate into ventricular fibrillation.


To estimate frequency of dangerous arrhythmias and possible risk factors among patients treated with antipsychotics.


The study is a clincal observational study. A small cardiac monitor (loop recorder) will be inserted in 500 patients who are using antipsychotics, and after 2 years, the frequency of arrhythmias will be compared with 100 control patients without use of antipsychotics.

Casper Bang

  • MD, PhD
  • Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospitals, Department of Cardiology


  • Prof. Gunnar Gislason & PhD Charlotte Ellen Larroud, Gentofte-Herlev Hospital

  • Prof. Lars Køber & PhD Berit Philbert Department of Cardiology, Rigshospitalet

  • Prof. Christian Torp-Pedersen & PhD Thomas Melchior & PhD Tommi Bo Lindhardt, Department of Cardiology, North Zealand Hospital

  • PhD Julie Nordgaard Frederiksen, Mental Health Center Amager

  • Prof. Hanno Tan, Department of Cardiology, University of Amsterdam

  • Prof. Merete Nordentoft, Danish Research Institute for Suicide Prevention, Mental Health Center Copenhagen

  • Prof. Anders Fink Jensen, Mental Health Center Copenhagen

  • Prof. Christoph U Correll, Department of Psychiatry, The Zucker Hillside Hospital New York
  • PhD Jacob Moesgaard Larsen, Department of Cardiology, Aalborg Universitetshospital
  • Prof. René Ernst Nielsen, Psychiatry, Aalborg University Hospital
  • Prof. Henrik Kjærulf Jensen, Department of Cardiology, Aarhus Universitetshospital
  • Prof. Ole Mors, Department of Psychiatry, Aarhus University
  • PhD Stine Odgaard Poulsen, Department of Cardiology, Odense University Hospital
  • PhD Mikkel Højlund, Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Pharmacology, University of Southern Denmark
  • Prof. Erik Simonsen, Director of Psychiatric Research Unit, Region of Zealand
  • PhD Finn Michael Karlsen, Department of Cardiology, Bispebjerg Hospital
  • MD Charlotte Hechmann, Copenhagen Mental Health Center North, North Zealand Hospital - Hillerød
  • PhD Runa Munkner, Copenhagen Mental Health Center Frederiksberg